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Why CMH?

Exclusivity. Challenging. Remote.

CMH founder Hans Gmoser’s passion for mountaineering and Heli-Skiing eventually morphed into a whole new genre: Heli-Hiking. You no longer had to know how to ski to enjoy the adventures of being on top of the mountain!

Heli-Hiking is an adventure like nothing else. You get to experience mountaineering without the rigors of difficult climbing. Traverse glaciers along the easiest and safest routes. Stand on pointy summits without the gymnastics of rock climbing. Explore waterfalls pouring over rainbow-colored stone and past deep blue glacier ice. Not only is all of this possible, but downright fun!

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I will offer invaluable insider knowledge about each trip, find the best available dates that work for you, structure everything for a trip tailored to your needs and skill level.

With over 44 years of CMH family history, you are in great hands.

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    Julie Noble Bakkala