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    Julie Noble Bakkala


    Not your everyday vacation!

    Hans Gmoser (the founder of CMH) invented Heli-Skiing in the winter of 1965. In the Columbia Range just west of the Rockies, an immense paradise of deep powder snow is where he staked out an exclusive 3 million acre region across 12 unique areas.

    At one-third the size of Switzerland, our available terrain is large enough to be its own sovereign state with a wealth of untapped virgin powder fields and a chief export of euphoric skiing experience.

    And, at the forefront of snow safety practices and technology, our guides and pilots are world renowned for delivering our guests safely and efficiently to the best deep-powder runs of their lives.

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    For an experience available nowhere else on earth!

    CMH founder Hans Gmoser’s passion for mountaineering and Heli-Skiing eventually morphed into a whole new genre: Heli-Hiking. You no longer had to know how to ski to enjoy the adventures of being on top of the mountain!

    Heli-Hiking is an adventure like nothing else. You get to experience mountaineering without the rigors of difficult climbing. Traverse glaciers along the easiest and safest routes. Stand on pointy summits without the gymnastics of rock climbing. Explore waterfalls pouring over rainbow-colored stone and past deep blue glacier ice. Not only is all of this possible, but downright fun!

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    The Noble Legacy

    We were there since the very beginning.

    My father, Fred Noble, established his reputation in the local adventure sports community when he became the first North American sales agent in 1974 for Canadian Mountain Holidays.

    With a bigger than life personality, he became friends with people all over the world and booked thousands of guests on a trip of a lifetime.

    We lost my father to ALS in 2014. He was the honorary chair for “SKi to Defeat ALS” and helped raise awareness about the disease.

    He was an outdoor sports pioneer and legend and was only after one thing – the next big adventure.

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      Julie Noble Bakkala